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Bhairavi - “a name of the Goddess, a girl of 12 years representing the Goddess at a festival, a raga in music - one of the most popular of 150 types of ragas.


Song in Rag Bhairavi

The dawn of Indian music in the West: Bhairavi - Page 4
Peter Lavezzoli - 2006 - 456 pages - Preview
One final caveat concerns the raga included in the title of this book: Bhairavi. As stated above, North Indian ragas ... Bhairavi is the most popular morning raga, but is not technically a raga of the dawn; it actually "belongs" to the ...
Bhairavi Yehuti Menuhin Ali Akbar

he Journal of the Music Academy, Madras: Volume 67; Volume 67
Music Academy (Madras, India), Music Academy (Madras, India) - 1996 - Snippet view
There are ragas called Salaga Bhairavi, Vasanta Bhairavi etc., There are two varieties of paintings depicting ragini Bhairavi. In one of them the first wife of raga Bhairavi is seen worshipping a Lingam, in a Siva shrine. ..

Music Aesthetics - Page 137
Manorma Sharma - 2007 - 242 pages - Preview
The other ragas identified for similar effects are Ahirbhairav, Ananda Bhairavi, Bhupali, Darbari Durga, Kalavati, Puriya, Todi, Bhairavi, etc. Raga Malkauns ( Hindolam) For those who suffer from low blood pressure, the morning Raga ...

The Essential Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore, Fakrul Alam, Radha Chakravarty - 2011 - 819 pages - Preview
That is why when the strings of the violin strum the mirh of the Bhairavi raga, Indians feel a pull in their hearts. Last evening, the secluded field resonated with raga Purabi, and I was the only soul wandering around for miles, .

The rāgas of North India
Walter Kaufmann, Walter Kaufmann - 1968 - 625 pages - Snippet view
THE 'BHAIRAVI THATA The scale of this thata represents the material of the ninth family of North Indian ragas. Raga (Ragini) Bhairavi Bhairavi, always represented in female form, usually as the wife of Bhairav, is frequently described ...

Musical terms worldwide: a companion for the musical explorer - Page 184
Jan Laurens Hartong, Simon Mills, Peter van Amstel - 2006 - 233 pages - Preview
There are approximately 150 to 200 known ragas, seventy of which are commonly performed. Some of the most popular ragas of North Indian music are: bhairav, bhairavi, bhupali, desh, malkauns, todi and yaman. Some of the commonest South ...


Bhairava bhairavi

bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152990]
(ā and ī)n. (fr. bhīru) frightful , terrible , horrible , formidable (am ind.) MBh. R. &c
767,1] [L=152991]
bhairava Cat.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152992]
N. of a form of śiva (cf RTL. 85) Prab. Ra1jat. Pur. (in the latter 8 bhairava's are enumerated , viz. mahā- , sahāra- , asitā*ga- , ruru- kāla- , krodha- , tāmracūa- , or kapāla- , candracūa- or rudra-bh° ; sometimes other names are given e.g. vidyā-rāja , kāma-r° , nāga-r° , svacchanda-r° , lambita-r° , deva-r° , ugra-r° , vighna-r°)
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152993]
a man representing bhairava's W.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152994]
a jackal L.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152995]
a mountain L.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152996]
(in music) N. of a rāga
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152997]
N. of a chief of śiva's host , Ka1lP.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152998]
of a son of śiva by tārā-vatī (wife of candra-śekhara , king of karavīra-pura) ib.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152999]
of a nāga MBh.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153000]
of a yaka Cat.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153001]
of a hunter Hit.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153002]
of 2 kings and various teachers and authors (also with tripāhin , daivajña , tilaka , dīkita , ācārya , bhaṭṭa and miśra) ib.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153003]
of a river L.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153004]
N. of a partic. sect VP.
bhairavā [p= 767,1] [L=153005]
N. of nirti VYogay. ??
bhairavā [p= 767,1] [L=153006]
of a class of apsaras VP.
bhairavī [p= 767,1] [L=153007]
» below
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153008]
terror or the property of exciting terror W.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153009]
= bhairava-tantra below.
bhairavī [p= 767,1] [L=153042]
of °va
767,1] [L=153043]
of a partic. form of durgā RTL. 188
767,1] [L=153044]
durgā at the durgā festival) L.
767,1] [L=153045]
N. of a rāgiī.
(H1) mf
[p= relating to
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m. pl.
(H1B) f.
(H1B) f. pl.
(H1B) f.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H2) f.
[p= N.
[p= a girl of 12 years (representing
[p= (in music)