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Bhairava - Terrible, formidable, a raga in music, one of the most popular of 150 types of ragas.

Essays on Indian music - Page 124
Raj Kumar - 2003 - 220 pages - Preview
As the year, so also the day is divided into six parts called the pahar or the ghadi, and each part is allocated to a particular Raga. Thus, Bhairava Raga is usually sung from 4 to 8 in the morning; the Hindol Raga from about 8 am to 12 ...

Bhairava Raga on Guitar

Bhairava as Raga & ragini
The body adorned: dissolving boundaries between sacred and profane in India ...
 By Vidya Dehejia

The rāgas of Somanātha: History and analysis - Page 18
Emmie te Nijenhuis - 1976 - 111 pages - Preview
The modern Hindustani raga bhairav, which has lend its name to one of the ten modern Hindustani basic scales, the bhairav $hat5 ... In the Appendix to Venkatamakhin's Caturdandiprakasika1 2 the raga bhairava is listed under mela

A study of Bundi school of painting - Page 207
Jiwan Sodhi - 1999 - 235 pages - Preview
56.36/45 Raga Bhairava ca. 1750-75 28x18 cm. 10. 56.36/46 Ragini Kedari ca. 1750 -75 28x18 cm. 11. 56.36/47 Ragini Gaur Mallar ca. 1750-75 28.2x18 cm. 12. 56.36/ 48 Ragini Gunakali ca. 1750-75 28x18 cm. 13. 56.36/49 Raga Malkounsa ca. ...
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Romance of the raga - Page 88
Vijaya Moorthy - 2001 - 129 pages - Preview
The Raga Bhairava, visualised as a form of Lord Siva, is virtually depicted in all known Ragamala albums. Raga Bhairava, the Lord of the Ragas, is believed to have emanated from the throat of Lord Shiva. Generally rendered prior to the ...

Bhairava bhairavi

bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152990]
(ā and ī)n. (fr. bhīru) frightful , terrible , horrible , formidable (am ind.) MBh. R. &c
767,1] [L=152991]
bhairava Cat.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152992]
N. of a form of śiva (cf RTL. 85) Prab. Ra1jat. Pur. (in the latter 8 bhairava's are enumerated , viz. mahā- , sahāra- , asitā*ga- , ruru- kāla- , krodha- , tāmracūa- , or kapāla- , candracūa- or rudra-bh° ; sometimes other names are given e.g. vidyā-rāja , kāma-r° , nāga-r° , svacchanda-r° , lambita-r° , deva-r° , ugra-r° , vighna-r°)
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152993]
a man representing bhairava's W.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152994]
a jackal L.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152995]
a mountain L.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152996]
(in music) N. of a rāga
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152997]
N. of a chief of śiva's host , Ka1lP.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152998]
of a son of śiva by tārā-vatī (wife of candra-śekhara , king of karavīra-pura) ib.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=152999]
of a nāga MBh.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153000]
of a yaka Cat.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153001]
of a hunter Hit.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153002]
of 2 kings and various teachers and authors (also with tripāhin , daivajña , tilaka , dīkita , ācārya , bhaṭṭa and miśra) ib.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153003]
of a river L.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153004]
N. of a partic. sect VP.
bhairavā [p= 767,1] [L=153005]
N. of nirti VYogay. ??
bhairavā [p= 767,1] [L=153006]
of a class of apsaras VP.
bhairavī [p= 767,1] [L=153007]
» below
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153008]
terror or the property of exciting terror W.
bhairava [p= 767,1] [L=153009]
= bhairava-tantra below.
(H1) mf
[p= relating to
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
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(H1B) m.
(H1B) m. pl.
(H1B) f.
(H1B) f. pl.
(H1B) f.
(H1B) n.
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