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Paronomasia - Puns - in Sankrit

a reverse search of the Monier-Williams for “Paronomasia”

1 kāñcīyamaka (paronomasia) 2 pādamadhyayamaka (paronomasia) 3 pādayamaka (paronomasia) 4 pādādimadhyayamaka (paronomasia) 5 pādādiyamaka (paronomasia) 6 pādādyantayamaka (paronomasia) 7 pādāntayamaka (paronomasia) 8 yamaka (paronomasia) 9 varṇānuprāsa (paronomasia) 10 vipathayamaka (paronomasia) 11 saṃdaṣṭaka (paronomasia) 12 samudga (paronomasia)
kāñcī--yamaka [p= 269,1] [L=47434]
a kind of paronomasia or punning , e.g. Bhat2t2. x , 8.
(H3) n.
pāda--madhya-yamaka [p= 617,3] [L=121970]
paronomasia in the middle of the 4 verses of a stanza (as in Bhat2t2. x , 5).
(H3) n.
pāda--yamaka [L=121978]
paronomasia within the pādas or single verses Va1m.
(H3) n.
pādā* di---madhya-yamaka [L=122033.1]
paronomasia at the beginning and in the middle of a verse (as Bhat2t2. x , 15)
(H4) n.
pādā* di---yamaka [L=122033.2]
paronomasia at the beginning of a verse (ib. x , 4)
(H4) n.
pādā dyanta-yamaka [L=122033.3]
paronomasia at the beginning and end of a verse (ib. x , 11) .
(H4) n.
pādā* nta---yamaka [p= 618,1] [L=122043]
paronomasia at the end of a verse (as Bhat2t2. x , 3).
(H4) n.
yamaka [p= 846,3] [L=170530]
twin , doubled , twofold MBh.
yamaka [L=170531]
a religious obligation or observance (= vrata) L.
yamaka [L=170532]
(scil. sneha) two similar greasy substances , oil and ghee Sus3r.
yamaka [L=170533]
or n. restraint , check (= yama) L.
yamaka [L=170535]
(in med.) a double band or bandage Sus3r.
yamaka [L=170536]
(in rhet.) the repetition in the same stanza of words or syllables similar in sound but different in meaning , paronomasia (of which various kinds are enumerated) Ka1vya7d. Va1m. &c (cf. IW. 457)
yamaka [L=170537]
a kind of metre Col.
(H2) mfn.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
varā* nuprāsa [p= 925,1] [L=187432]
alliteration , paronomasia Va1m.
(H3) m.
vi-patha---yamaka [p= 973,3] [L=197584]
a kind of yamaka (q.v.) in which the paronomasia is only at the beginning and end of the verse (e.g. Bhat2t2. x , 16)
(H3) n.
sa-° daṣṭaka [p= 1143,1] [L=231398]
a kind of paronomasia L.
(H3) n.
samudga [p= 1167,3] [L=235426]
(of doubtful derivation ; for sam-udga » below) the point of a bud (in arka-s° q.v.)

n. ; ifc. f(ā).) Ya1jn5. VarBr2S. Katha1s.


rhet.) a kind of paronomasia (in which a verse or part of a verse identical in sound but different in meaning is repeated) Ka1vya7d. iii , 54-56
sam-udga [L=235435]
(for samudga » above ) going up or rising together W.
(H1) m.
[L=235427]a round box or casket (said to be also
[L=235428]a round form of a temple
(H2) mfn.